Digital Recruiting


James Purvis


Treat the Candidate as Your Customer / Understand Your Target Audience
See your process from your target audience’s point of view. Treat each potential candidate as a customer. Understand their behavior. Profile them. Then prioritize your implementation of technology around what adds the most value first.

Define Metrics 
The old adage says you can’t manage what you don’t measure and this is equally true for digital recruiting. Measure your impact and your engagement of social media and use of technology. Invest in those giving highest returns and consider dropping those which are not making results. Make your decisions based on metrics not fashions.

Take Decisions Based on Data not Opinions
Don’t fall into the trap of designing a new careers website based on battle of ‘Hippos’ (Highest-Important-Paid-Person’s Opinions). Use data to take decisions. Implement the features that are the most sought-after by your target population.

Design a Strategy
Digital recruiting offers an overwhelming choice in opportunities. Which social media channel? What ATS? Before embarking on any implementation of any one component, paint the big picture and agree on an overall strategy.

Identify & Implement Some Quick Wins with Technology
Some technology projects can have long timescales and require big budgets; others can be implemented in less than a day.  Before embarking on the former, build confidence by identifying some quick wins with the technology and building confidence and trust in your strategy.

Understand when You Do & Don’t Need In-house IT
With the ubiquity of Saas (Software as a Service) solutions available in HR you may have more autonomy than you realise for implementing technology. However you may have existing corporate systems or processes which require interfaces. Understand the role of our in-house IT team but also the opportunity of off-the-shelf Saas services in recruitment.

Be Aware of Technology Paradigm Shifts and the Hype Cycle
Don’t assume that the technology you have just implemented today will be valid in five years’ time. Within ten years it may certainly be obsolete. The exponential growth in mobile means your current way of applying may have to be entirely rethought to leverage mobile opportunities. Your existing traditional career website may be gone in a few years.

Monitor the Trends and Stay up to Date

Technology is changing tremendously providing regularly new opportunities. Keep up to date with news-feeds on what is hot and what is not and question what potential role these new technologies could play in a recruitment or sourcing process. 


Don’t Simply Map Existing Processes to a New Technology
Technology is an enabler. To get the most out of new technologies rethink your HR/recruiting process. Don’t simply take your existing ways of recruiting and map them onto the new technology. New technology allows for new approaches to your recruitment process to increase quality, reduce costs or become more competitive. But implementing technology successfully will require a change in mind-set and a rethink of your existing recruiting processes.

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