Recruiting Events


Nicole Dessain


Seize Marketing Opportunity

Use recruiting events both for HR marketing and for recruiting. Invest in a professional look and feel for the exhibition stands, print material and possibly video equipment to show company movie/company presentation, etc. 

Treat All Applicants with Equal Respect 

Create a positive experience for those visiting your event or your booth at a larger event for ALL, not only for those whom you want to hire. Remember: they all are ambassadors of your company’s employer image. 

Keep Conversations Short

Try to limit conversations with interested visitors to 5 minutes maximum. Schedule more in-depth interviews for after the event. 

Involve Hiring Managers

Involve managers from the hiring departments during the event. Make sure you have enough administrative support during the event.


Don’t Assume All Audiences Are Alike

Think through which type of events and collaborations are most effective for various functions and geographies.

Don’t Underestimate Organizational Effort

All types of recruiting events require pre-planning and post-event follow-up in addition to managing the actual event day.

Don’t Underestimate Information Capturing

Don’t underestimate the challenge and importance of capturing information about candidates during the event for an effective follow up.

Don’t Forget to Include Technology in the Event

For Recruiting Events to be successful in the age of social media, ensure you include tablets, apps, and other technology as part of the event.

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