Virtual Leadership Training


2nd HR Tea Time


  • Make training relevant to what is happening right now. Use real-life topics for group to work on
  • Create first positive experience
  • Drive interactiveness
  • Blend asynchronous (e.g. preparation document for download) and synchronous (virtual classroom with Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, Teams or similar)
  • Limit virtual  sessions to 90-180 minutes max.
  • Consider using AI based tools to measure learning progress
  • Consider introducing a Learning Management System
  • Use virtual whiteboard for starting interactivity (is anonymous)
  • Use breakout groups also in virtual classroom
  • Add physical tools e.g. printed cards to bridge gap between teacher and students
  • Save time for informal networking
  • Teach leaders regarding online presencen
  • Involve top-level leaders in program
  • Use e.g. Hackathons to inspire creativity


  • Teacher only speaking, students only  listening
  • Show video without interaction
  • Over-estimate content over interaction (n.b.: Learning by doing)

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